16-19 April 2018
Europe/Moscow timezone
Scientific Program

Alvarez Castillo

JINR, Dubna

Supporting the existence of the QCD critical point by compact star observations

Balassa Gabor

Wigner RCP, Budapest

Mass shift of charmonium states in heavy ion collisions

Bastian Niels-Uwe

Wroclaw Uni., Wroclaw

The relativistic string-flip model EoS and its applications

Blaschke David

Wroclaw Uni., Wroclaw

Nonequilibrium pion distribution in heavy-ion collisions from the Zubarev approach

Bordag Michael

Leipzig Uni., Leipzig

Effective gammagammaG vertex and scattering of photons in quark-gluon plasma

Dadic Ivan

Zagreb Uni. & Ruder Boskovic Inst., Zagreb

Damping Rate and Collision Integral from Finite-Time-Path Out-of-Equilibrium Field Theory

Harrison Brent

Cape Town Uni., Cape Town

Bose-Einstein Condensation from a Gluon Transport Equation

Hongo Masaru

Riken, Saitama

Hydrodynamics from quantum field theory

Ilgenfritz Ernst-Michael

JINR, Dubna

QCD Lattice

Ivanov Yuri

MEPhI, KIAE, Moscow

Vortex rings in fragmentation regions in heavy-ion collisions

Juchnowski Lukasz

Wroclaw Uni., Wroclaw

Nonequilibrium meson production in strong fields

Karpenko Iurii

Subatech, Nantes

Lambda polarization at NICA/RHIC energies in viscous hydrodynamic approach

Challenges for hydro modeling at NICA energies

Kolomeitsev Evgeni

Matej Bel Uni., Banska Bystrica

Vorticity in PHSD and  Lambda Polarization

Kuzemsky Aleksandr

JINR, Dubna

Neutrons scattering on the nonequilibrium statistical medium and generalized Van Hove's formula

Maslov Konstantin

MEPhI, Moscow

Nuclear liquid-gas phase transition in realistic models of neutron star matter

Morozov Vladimir

MIREA, Moscow

Kinetic theory of correlated quantum systems in the framework of Zubarev's Nonequilibrium Statistical Operator Method

Musulmanbekov Genis

JINR, Dubna

Modification of hadron properties in a dense nuclear matter

Panferov Anatolii

SSU, Saratov

Nonperturbative kinetic approach for describing the pre-equilib dynamics of HIC

Parvan Alexandru

JINR, Dubna

Quantum fields in a finite volume and possible quark-hadron scaling duality

Plakida Nikolay

JINR, Dubna

Charge fluctuations in strongly correlated electronic systems

Prohorov George

JINR, Dubna

Anomalous axial current from covariant Wigner function and thermodynamic  equilibrium density operator

Roepke Gerd

Rostock Uni., Rostock

Electrical conductivity of charged particle systems and the Zubarev NSO method

Rudoy Yurii  /Rybakov Yurii

RUDN, Moscow

Generalized form of the Bogoliubov - Zubarev theorem accounting for pressure fluctuations. Possible applications to the ultra-relativistic gases

Sedrakian Armen

Frankfurt Ins., Frankfurt

Transport coefficients of QCD from Zubarev formalism

Seifert Eduard

Giessen Uni., Giessen

Baryon-antibaryon annihilation and reproduction in relativistic heavy-ion collisions

Sinyukov Yuriy

BITP, Kiev

Integrated hydrokinetic model for NICA/FAIR and RHIC BES energies

Skalozub Vladimir

Dnipro Uni., Dnipro

Effective photon-photpn-gluon vertex and photon beam scattering in QGP

Smolyansky Stanislav

SSU, Saratov

Nonperturbative Kinetic Theory of the Field Induced Phase Transition in


Sochorova Radka

FNSPE CTU in Prague, Prague

Evolution of higher moments of multiplicity distribution

Sophys Gabriel

Subatech, Nantes

Study of the energy dependence of particle production in high energy collisions

Srivastava Ajit

IoPB, Bhubaneswar

Magnetohydrodynamics simulations, flow, flow fluctuations, and vortices

Steinert Thorsten

Giessen Uni., Giessen

The QCD phase diagram within effective models

Taranenko Arkadiy

MEPhI, Moscow

Collective flow in nucleus-nucleus collisions at NICA and FAIR energies

Tejeda-Yeomans Maria Elena

Uni. de Colima - CUICBAS, Colima

HIC simulations at NICA energies: correlations and flow

Teryaev Oleg

JINR, Dubna

Vector vs tensor polarization in HIC

Tomasik Boris

Matej Bel Uni., Banska Bystrica

Sorting of events according to their shapes

Tropin Timur

JINR, Dubna

On the theoretical description of polymers glass transition kinetics in a wide range of cooling rates

Turko Ludwik

Wroclaw Uni., Wrolaw

NA61 program beyond 2020
Finite size effects, intermolecular forces and effective virial expansion

Wolter Herrman

Munich Uni., Munich

Transport code comparison under controlled conditions

Veysman, Mikhail

IHED RAS, Moscow)

Quantum statistical approach to permittivity of metallic plasmas

Zabrodin Evgeni

SINP MSU & Oslo Uni., Moscow/Oslo

Study of dynamics of heavy-ion collisions at NICA: EOS, flow, freeze-out and femtoscopy correlations

Zaboronsky Oleg


Strong fluctuation effects for interacting particle systems