from 26 July 2017 to 4 August 2017 (Europe/Bucharest)
Brasov, Romania
Europe/Bucharest timezone
  • Condensed matter physics, Radiation and Radiobiological research

    • Neutron scattering methods, Raman and nonlinear optical microscopy in condensed matter investigations, material science, biology, pharmacology, geology, archeology

    • Semiconductor detectors for fundamental and applied research

    • Radiation physics, radiochemistry and nanotechnology investigations using beams of accelerated heavy Ions

    • Biomedical, radiation-genetic studies and biological effect studies of heavy charged particles and ionizing radiation

    • Research on cosmic matter on Earth and nearby Space

  • Nuclear physics

    • Synthesis and properties of superheavy elements

    • Non-accelerator neutrino physics and astrophysics

    • Physics of light mesons

    • Investigations of neutron nuclear interactions and properties of the neutron

  • Elementary particle physics and relativistic nuclear physics

  • Networking, computing and computational physics