А.С.Шешуков: "Latest results of dark matter search with the DarkSide-50 experiment".

Friday, 27 April 2018 from to (Europe/Moscow)
at Лабораторный корпус ЛЯП ( Конференц-зал )
The DarkSide-50 is an experiment located in the Laboratori Nazionale del Gran Sasso (LNGS), searching for the dark matter interactions in the low radiactive argon target.
The detector features a dual-phase liquid argon time projection chamber, which allows to detect primary scintillation (S1) and secondary ionization (S2) signals from the dark matter interaction candidates. 

We report recent results for DarkSide-50 dark matter searches using 532 days of data taking.The limits on cross-section for WIMP-nucleon scattering for high (100 GeV/c) and low (below 20 GeV/c) WIMP masses are reported, as well as constraint on sub-GeV particles scattering off electrons.
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