Scientific Programme

The following topics will be within the scope of the Workshop:
  • - Strong interactions of hadrons at high energies accessible on Large Hadron Collider.
  • - Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics on LHC and RHIC and predictions of new phases in hot and dense nuclear matter.
  • - Low and intermediate energy hadron physics: effective Lagrangians and realizations of CP breaking.
  • - AdS/CFT and AdS/QCD correspondence in Quantum Field and String Theory and Holographic models of Strong Interactions.
  • - Search for Physics beyond the Standard Model at ultra-high energies both on colliders and on space located installations.
  • - Modern Cosmology, Dark Energy and theoretical implications on Extra Space dimensions and deviations from Newtonian dynamics.
  • - Dark Matter in the Universe and Axion manifestation.
  • - Integrability in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory.
  • - Nuclear physics of neutron rich nuclei.