PWG3 FEMTO meeting - talks approval session

    • 11:00 11:30
      [RFBR grants for NICA] Ludmila Malinina. Study of strongly interacting matter properties at the energies of the NICA collider using the methods of femtoscopy and factorial moments 20'+10' 30m
      Speaker: Ludmila Malinina (SINP MSU-JINR)
    • 11:30 11:55
      [ICPPA-2020] G.Nigmatkulov. Measurements of the like-sign pion and kaon femtoscopic correlations at NICA energies 15'+10' 25m
      Speaker: Grigory Nigmatkulov (MEPhI, Moscow)
    • 11:55 12:15
      Reconstruction of the moments of multiplicity distributions with Identity Method: MPD performance 20m
      Speaker: Igor Altsybeev (Saint-Petersburg State University)