Simulation of NICA/MPD with Three-fluid Hyd\-ro\-dy\-na\-mics-based Event Simulator Extended by UrQMD final State interactions (THESEUS) as an attempt to investigate effects of a QCD phase transition in the EoS on HIC observables

28 Sep 2017, 11:00
Blokhintsev Hall (4rd floor, BLTP) (DUBNA)

Blokhintsev Hall (4rd floor, BLTP)




Mr Pavel Batyuk (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)


We present preliminary results obtained in course of simulation of the NICA/MPD detector using input from the program (THESEUS) that has the unique feature to describe a hadron-to-quark matter transition which proceeds in the baryon stopping regime that is not accessible to previous simulation programs designed for higher energies. Influence of the detector effects and reconstruction procedure on HIC observables (flow, net-baryon spectra, femtoscopy...), comparing with pure information obtained directly from THESEUS, is considered.

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