Explosions of massive stars triggered from the 1st-order hadron-quark phase transition at high density

26 Sep 2017, 09:30
Blokhintsev Hall (4rd floor, BLTP) (DUBNA)

Blokhintsev Hall (4rd floor, BLTP)




Tobias Fischer (University of Wroclaw, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Institute of Theoretical Physics)


Any reliable equation of state (EOS) for astrophysical applications faces recently sever constraints, in particular associated with the high-precision observations of massive pulsars. Within the development of a novel phenomenological EOS for quark matter we realize the required stiffness at high density due to the inclusion of repulsive vector interactions. The extension of this model EOS to finite temperatures and arbitrary isospin asymmetry enables us to study the hadron-quark phase transition in simulations of core-collapse supernovae.

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