June 15, 2023 to August 15, 2023
Europe/Moscow timezone

Department of Science Organization Activities (DSOA)

JINR for UNESCO Fellowship Programme

Call for applications


As an international intergovernmental organization, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) is pursuit of strengthening scientific ties with UNESCO.

The JINR, together with the UNESCO, announces a two-stage selection process for fellowships on the following scientific topics:

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Elementary Particle Physics and Relativistic Nuclear Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Radiation and Radiobiological Research
  • Networking, Computing, Computational Physics
  • Engineering and Instrumentation

The JINR for UNESCO Fellowship Programme offers both talented young scientists and experienced researchers the opportunity to get involved in the cutting-edge international projects of scientific and technological advancements at JINR. Detailed information about the Institute, including the JINR Topical Plan can be found on the JINR website www.jinr.int



Highly motivated scientists and engineers, holders of a Master’s or PhD degree in their respective fields in the aforementioned topics. The applicant must be a citizen of an UNESCO member state and must be affiliated to a governmental institution located in an UNESCO member state. To be discussed PhD students must be enrolled in their home country


Competencies and Expertise

The applicant should be able to communicate clearly, concisely, and impartially, both orally and in writing. The applicant should take initiatives to define outcomes and clarify roles, actively contribute to team outcomes, and support team decisions. The applicant should coordinate with supervisor/manager and make decisions in full compliance with JINR regulations.


Qualifications, Experience and Language skills

Relevant experience in the selected JINR topic - at least 3 years (MSc degree holder) and 5 years (PhD degree holder). The applicant should be able to work well in an international environment, such as large multinational collaborations. The applicant is also expected to take responsibility for experiments and analytical work and should be able to work independently when necessary. The applicant should have experience in education and training. Good command of the official JINR languages, both written and spoken (English and/or Russian) 


Required documents for application

  1. CV (preferably CV Europass format) including information on the previous held positions after getting the last degree.
  2. An English summary of MSc or PhD thesis.
  3. List of relevant publications.
  4. A recommendation letter by an outstanding scientist relevant for the chosen topic for application.
  5. An authorized copy of the Master’s or PhD certificate (translated into English if in another language)

Important dates

  • Application opens: June 15
  • Application deadline: August 15
  • Checking the eligibility and first step selection by AAEA: August 15 – September 1st
  • Selection by JINR: September 1st – September 15
  • Nomination of the successful applications: September 15 – October 1st
  • Confirmation from the applicants: October 1st – October 15


What JINR offers

High quality of life

Called the "Island of Stability", the city of Dubna is ideally located on the banks of Europe's largest waterway — the Volga River (only 2.5 hours from Moscow by train or bus and 1.5 hours by car from Sheremetyevo International Airport). It is important for us that our employees quickly and easily adapt to the new living conditions and have a healthy work-life balance. Therefore, JINR offers accommodation in comfortable guest-house rooms (for singles), or fully furnished flats owned by JINR, and annual paid leave. 



JINR guarantees a 12-months postdoctoral contract, renewable for another max. 12 months (24 months in total), in a multicultural scientific environment. 



JINR offers an attractive remuneration package including an annual net base salary at US $1300/month (for MSc degree holders including PhD students) and $2300/month (for PhD degree holders), paid in Russian rubbles at the planned exchange rate (forecasted year-average), which is adopted with the JINR budget for the current year. In 2023, the exchange rate is 69.2 Russian rubles per 1 USD. Income tax of 13% is applied. JINR shall pay no pension plans. 



JINR offers generous social benefits (settling-in allowance, free health insurance for you and your family members), relocation assistance (under certain conditions), free school or kindergarten attendance for children. JINR also offers free language courses and subsidies for the use of JINR sports infrastructure (Olympic swimming pool, stadium, gym, etc.), as well as access to a variety of cultural activities. Housing rental belonging to JINR is provided free of charge (only utility bills have to be paid). Participation to a scientific event annually is covered under certain conditions.