28 September 2015 to 2 October 2015
Budva, Becici, Hotel Splendid, Conference Hall
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BES-III distributed computing

1 Oct 2015, 16:05
Budva, Becici, Hotel Splendid, Conference Hall

Budva, Becici, Hotel Splendid, Conference Hall


Mr Igor Pelevanyuk (JINR)


The BES-III experiment at the Institute of High Energy Physics (Beijing, China) is aimed at the precision measurements in e+e- anihilation in the energy range from 2.0 till 4.6 GeV. The world largest samples of J/psi and psi' events and unique samples of XYZ data have been already collected. Expected increase of the data volume in the coming years required significant evolution of the computing model, namely shift from a centralized data processing to a distributed one. This report summarizes the design of BES-III distributed computing system, experience gained after 2 years of deployment and future plans of development.

Primary authors

Dr Alexander Uzhinskiy (Dr.) Mr Alexey Zhemchugov (JINR) Mr Igor Pelevanyuk (JINR) Sergey Belov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)

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