Scientific Programme

D. ALVAREZ CASTILLO, Supporting the existence of the QCD critical point by compact star observations
A. AYRIYAN, Bayesian Analysis of Hybrid EoS Models Using Mass and Radius Data from Compact Star Observations
M. BAGCHI, Prospects of constraining the dense matter equation of state from observations and data analysis of radio pulsars in binaries
G. G. BARNAFÖLDI, The effect of quantum fluctuations in compact star observables
N.-U. BASTIAN, Towards a unified quark-hadron equation of state for neutron stars, supernovae and heavy-ion collisions
P. BATYUK, Simulation of NICA/MPD with Three-fluid Hydrodynamics-based Event Simulator Extended by UrQMD final Anchor State interactions (THESEUS) as an attempt to investigate effects of a QCD phase transition in the EoS on HIC observables
S. BENIC, EoS for dense matter with a QCD phase transition
T. BHATTACHARYYA, Non-extensive Fokker-Planck transport coefficients of heavy quarks
D. BLASCHKE, Quark exchange effects in the nuclear equation of state at high-densities
M. CIERNIAK, Vector interaction enhanced bag model
T. FISCHER, Explosions of massive stars triggered from the 1st-order hadron-quark phase transition at high density
A. FRIESEN, Phase diagram in effective QCD models
H. GRIGORIAN, Cooling of massive neutron stars
I. IOSILEVSKIY, Binodal Layer and Phase Freezeout in Adiabatically Expanded Hot Dense Matter
Yu. IVANOV, Directed flow in heavy-ion collisions and its implications for astrophysics
L. JUCHNOWSKI, Nonequilibrium meson production in strong fields
M. KITAZAWA, J-PARC heavy-ion program and search of the QCD critical point
T. KOJO, QCD equations of state in hadron-quark continuity
K. MASLOV, Charged ρ-meson condensate in neutron stars within RMF models
S. MOGLIACCI, Finite density equation of state of the quark-gluon plasma via resummed perturbation theory
R. NEGREIROS, Fully self-consistent thermal evolution studies of rotating neutron stars
S. POPOV, Fast radio bursts and neutron stars
G. ROEPKE, Correlations and bound states in nuclear matter
A. SORIN, Baryon rich matter research at NICA
V. STEINBERG, Strangeness production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at SIS energies
L. TURKO, Looking for the phase transition - recent NA61/SHINE results
D. VOSKRESENSKY, On manifestation of in-medium effects in NS and HIC
H. WOLTER, The High-Density Symmetry Energy in Heavy Ion Collisions and Compact stars
A. YUDIN, Exotic convection inside hybrid stars
E. ZHOU, Numerical configurations of differentially rotating quark stars