Student's Zone 2020 of the NICA Project

k. 215 (LHEP, JINR)

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Joliot-Curie 6, Dubna, RUSSIA

Welcome to the Student's Zone 2020 of the NICA Project!

Latest information regarding all the projects will be published in the "News" section. 

Here you can apply for:

  • TeFeNICA 2020 - Team for the Future of NICA Students Internship at JINR (read more)
  • Bachelor's degree thesis realization at JINR (read more)
  • Master's degree thesis realization at JINR (read more)

Register for any of the projects listed above here.

Once you're accepted you will find useful information here.

Twiki: Project website carried out in cooperation WUT with JINR
by the Polish Consortium NICA-PL - more details here.

*NICA - Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility; 

Registration form
  • Arkadiusz Chłopik
  • Bartlomiej Pierzchala
  • Daniel Dąbrowski
  • Filip Protoklitow
  • Filip Żarnowiec
  • Grzegorz Nakielny
  • Hanna Gałach
  • Julia Wilk
  • Kamila Kempny
  • Katarzyna Gocajna
  • Krystian Roslon
  • Maciej Czarnynoga
  • Marcin Bielewicz
  • Marcin Kastek
  • Marek PERYT
  • Martyna Winnik
  • Mateusz Maluha
  • Małgorzata Karabowicz
  • Michalina Milewicz-Zalewska
  • Nika Jurczuk
  • Paweł Pietrzak
  • Witold Olech
  • Łukasz Sawicki
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