Oct 3 – 6, 2022
Conference Hall, Building 215, VBLHEP, JINR, Dubna
Europe/Moscow timezone

Participant List

138 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation Title
Adel Terkulov Lebedev Physical Institute Remotely
Aida Galoyan JINR In person
Aleksandr Kubankin BNRU, Behgorod In person
Alexander Bagulya P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute In person
Alexander Boikov JINR In person
Alexander Isupov LHEP, JINR In person
Alexander Korzenev JINR, LHEP In person
Alexander Lobko Institute for Nuclear Problems INP-Minsk (BY) In person
Alexander Samartsev In person
Alexander Solin INP BSU In person
Alexander Verkheev JINR In person
Alexandr Berezhnoy SINP MSU In person
Alexandra Shipilova Samara University, JINR Remotely
Alexei Larionov BLTP, JINR In person
Alexey Guskov JINR In person
Alexey Livanov VBLHEP JINR In person
Alexey Zhemchugov JINR In person
Aliaksandr Solin INP BSU In person
Aliaksei Piskun JINR/Dubna Remotely
Alvard Malkhasyan A . Alikhanyan National Scientific Laboratory Remotely
Amaresh Datta JINR In person
Anatoly Kotikov JINR Remotely
Anatoly Kulikov JINR In person
Anatoly Lvov LPI Remotely
Andrei Gridin JINR In person
Andrei Maltsev JINR Remotely
Andrei Zelenov NRC «Kurchatov Institute» - PNPI In person
Andrey Antonov Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University Remotely
Andrey Kiryanov PNPI In person
Andrey Kutov JINR In person
Anna Skachkova JINR In person
Anton Anufriev Samara National Research University Remotely
Anton Karpishkov Samara National Research University and JINR Remotely
Argine Hakobyan A . Alikhanyan National Scientific Laboratory Remotely
Armen Nersessian A.Alikhanyan National Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute) In person
Artem Ivanov JINR In person
Artem Petrosyan Joint Institute for Nuclear Research In person
Arthur Serazetdinov MePHI Remotely
Aytadzh Allakhverdieva JINR In person
Baldin Anton JINR In person
Daniil Peshkov Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University Remotely
Danila Oleynik JINR MLIT In person
Dimitrije Maletic Institute of physics Belgrade Remotely
Dmitry Ermak INP BSU Remotely
Dmitry Nikiforov JINR In person
Dmitry Sosnov NRC KI - PNPI, Gatchina In person
Dorota Kotlorz Opole University of Technology and BLTP JINR Remotely
Eduard Atkin NRNU MEPHI Remotely
Egle Tomasi-Gustafsson IRFU/DPhN, CEA Saclay Remotely
Ekaterina Kuznetsova NRC KI - PNPI, Gatchina In person
Ekaterina Mosolova Remotely
Elena Kokoulina JINR In person
Elena Zemlyanichkina JINR In person
Evgeniy Pyata BINP In person
Evgeny Antokhin BINP In person
Evgeny Ladygin JINR LHEP Remotely
Evgeny Usenko INR RAS Moscow, Russia, JINR Dubna Remotely
Fernando Guzmán Martínez InSTEC, Havana University, Cuba Remotely
Frolov Vladimir JINR Remotely
Gennady ALEXEEV JINR, Lab. of Nuclear Problems In person
Georgy Golovanov JINR Remotely
Grigory Nigmatkulov National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) In person
Hamlet Mkrtchyan A.I. Alikhanyan National Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute) Remotely
Hrachya Marukyan A.Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute) Remotely
Igor Alexeev ITEP In person
Igor Denisenko JINR In person
Igor Meshkov JINR In person
Ivan Yudin JINR In person
Katherin Shtejer Diaz JINR In person
Kirill Salamatin JINR Remotely
Kirill Shilyaev Samara University Remotely
Konstantin Gritsay JINR In person
Leonid Afanasyev JINR. LNP In person
Leonid Vertogradov JINR Remotely
Lev Alimov Samara National Research University Remotely
Luis Montano CINVESTAV Remotely
Makarenko Vladimir INP BSU Remotely
Marco A Ayala Torres Remotely
Maxim Alexeev INFN sez. Torino Remotely
Michael Finger Charles University (CZ) Remotely
Mikhail Merkin SINP MSU In person
Mikhail Negodaev LPI
Mikhail Zhabitsky Joint Institute for Nuclear Research In person
Miroslav Finger Charles University (CZ) Remotely
Mridupawan Deka JINR In person
Nahid Vasim Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. Remotely
Natalia Rogacheva JINR In person
Natalia Zhigareva ITEP In person
Nelli Pukhaeva JINR In person
Nikita Dunin JINR/LPI Remotely
Nikolay Atanov JINR DLNP In person
Nikolay Ivanov AALN In person
Nikolay Topilin JINR Dubna In person
Nikolay Zhuravlev JINR In person
Oleg Denisov INFN- Torino Remotely
Oleg Gavrishchuk In person
Oleg Minko JINR Remotely
Oleg Teryaev In person
Petr Teterin MEPHI In person
Polina Nechaeva LPI In person
Reham El-Kholy Cairo University, Egypt Remotely
Roman Shulyakovsky Institute of Applied Physics of NAS of Belarus In person
Ruslan Akhunzyanov JINR In person
Sergey Goloskokov BLTP, JINR In person
Sergey Golovnya IHEP Protvino Remotely
Sergey Pivovarov Remotely
Sergey Zmeev LPI In person
Seryubin Seraphim JINR In person
Sophie Bulanova In person
Starkova Ekaterina Dubna University In person
Stepan Shimanskiy JINR In person
Svirida Dmitry IHEP In person
Temur Enik Jinr In person
Vadim Alexakhin JINR In person
Valentin Ustinov JINR In person
Valeri Pozdniakov Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (RU) In person
Valery Chmill JINR, Russia In person
Vasilii Mochalov NRC "Kurchatov Institute" - IHEP In person
Vasiliy Shebalin BINP Remotely
Viacheslav Tereshchenko JINR In person
Victor Abramov National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” - IHEP Remotely
Victor Kim NRC KI - PNPI, Gatchina In person
Victor Perelygin JINR In person
Viktor Andreev Remotely
Vitaly Bautin JINR In person
Vladimir Andreev P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow In person
Vladimir ANOSOV JINR In person
Vladimir kurbatov In person
Vladimir LADYGIN VBLHEP, JINR In person
Vladimir Mossolov INP BSU In person
Vladimir Saleev Samara National Research University Remotely
Vladimir Sulin P.N. Lebedev Institute In person
Vsevolod Popov JINR In person
Ysmail Kambar JINR In person
Yuriy Uzikov Joint Institute for Nuclear Researches In person
Yury Filatov MIPT In person
Zhanibek Kurmanaliyev Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches In person
Павел Семенов НИЦ "Курчатовский институт" - ИФВЭ In person