February 27, 2023 to March 3, 2023
Europe/Moscow timezone

Main topics of the workshop include:

  • Hadronic equation of state in various temperature-density regimes
  • Phase transitions and fluctuations
  • Strangeness in heavy-ion collisions and compact stars 
  • Role of pions and Delta-isobars and hyperons
  • Photon and dilepton production in heavy-ion collision
  • Cluster formation, deformed nuclei
  • Vorticity, magnetic fields, and spin physics
  • Giant resonances

The program besides theoretical talks will include experimental talks related to NICA.


The phase diagram of nuclear matter assumes possibilities of various nontrivial medium effects and phase transformations. These possibilities should be thorough checked both experimentally and theoretically. The atomic nucleus plays the central role in our understanding of the fundamental forces of nature and the emergent phenomena that occur at various scales of physics. New experiments on NICA at JINR will provide us with new important information about the structure of dense nonequilibrium strongly interacting nuclear matter. Nuclear physics underlies the complex structures of materials studied in quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics. Nuclear matter, being an extrapolation of finite nuclei to the infinite particle number, is a product of the same strong interaction. The nuclear structure, nuclear decays, and nuclear reactions determine the origin of elements produced in neutron star mergers and star evolution. The description of compact neutron and hybrid stars requires knowledge of the equation of state of infinite nuclear matter.


The goal of INFINUM is to bring together researchers, who actively pursue the challenge and push the nuclear theory describing many-particle phenomena in atomic nuclei, nucleus-nucleus collisions, nuclear astrophysics, especially compact stars physics. Many problems are interrelated and require active cooperation among researchers working in various areas. Invited and contributed talks on recent advancements in the description of finite nuclei and the nuclear matter will be organized in topical sessions, which would stimulate cooperation between the two communities. The conference will provide the platform for discussions, exchange of ideas, and eventually for further progress in the field.


The 1st interdisciplinary mini-workshop on “Infinite and Finite Nuclear Matter” was organized at LTP JINR Dubna, Russia, March 20-22 2019. Next two years, Covid did not allow to continue the series of these workshops


Deadline for registration and abstract submission is February 19.

Blokhintsev Auditorium, 4th floor