The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) organizes the II International Workshop on "Lattice and Functional Techniques for Exploration of Phase Structure and Transport Properties in Quantum Chromodynamics", Dubna, September 4 - 6, 2018.

Inspired by the activities going on in Dubna for the construction of NICA and the preparations of experimentalists for the BM@N and MPD experiments, the Bogoliubov Laboratory for Theoretical Physics of JINR realizes the project "Theory of Hadronic Matter under Extremal Conditions". This Workshop is the second meeting specifically devoted to the functional and lattice QCD methods in the series of workshops and seminars in support of the project "Theory of Hadronic Matter under Extremal Conditions". It aims at bringing together practioners of QCD lattice thermodynamics with specialists developing functional continuum approaches and to chart promising areas of collaboration or to continue already ongoing collaboration, mainly with the aim to extend the abilities of functional QFT methods and lattice QCD simulations:
  • from zero to finite baryonic density,
  • from Euclidean to Minkowski time,
  • from zero to nonvanishing external fields,
  • temperature depencence of topology and topological susceptibility,
  • modelling phase transitions in finite strongly interacting systems.

Local organizers:
V. Braguta (BLTP, ITEP) — Co-chairman,
E.-M. Ilgenfritz (BLTP) — Co-chairman,
O.N. Belova (JINR) — secretary,
A.V. Friesen (BLTP JINR) — scientific secretary,
M. Deka (BLTP JINR),
M. Hasegawa (BLTP JINR),
D.S. Korobov (JINR),
S.N. Nedelko (BLTP JINR).
Joliot-Curie, 20