Dubna Workshop "Computational Modelling of Complex Systems" 2018
(Particle in cell method for charge particle dynamics applications)

Particle in cell (PIC) algorithms are well known in hydrodynamics and plasma physics. At the present workshop, there will be considered problems in charge particle dynamics and implementation of PIC algorithm for that case. Different problems and decisions will be discussed, e.g., long time simulation, solver of Poisson equation, accuracy of results and different additions for charge particle dynamics.
The workshop is organized by the group for modeling nonlinear systems (LIT, JINR) and group for the electron string ion source (VBLHEP, JINR). It will be held at the Laboratory of Information Technologies of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) on November 15, 2018.

Organizing Committee
Edik Ayryan (JINR-LIT) – co-chairman
Eugeny E. Donets (JINR-VBLHEP) - co-chairman
Alexander Ayriyan (JINR-LIT)
Alexey Boytsov (JINR-VBLHEP)