Correlation observables in ΥD pair production at the LHC within the parton Reggeization approach

Apr 17, 2019, 5:00 PM


Oral High Energy Physics High energy physics


Mr Anton Karpishkov (Samara National Research University)


We study angular correlations in associated hadroproduction of Υ(1S) with the D± and D0 mesons at the LHC in the Leading Order of the parton Reggeization approach. This approach is based on the kT-factorisation and the gauge-ivariant effective field theory of L. N. Lipatov. Hadronization of a $\bar{b}b$-pair to Υ(1S) is described within the NRQCD-factorization framework. Production of D−mesons is described in the fragmentation model with scale-dependent fragmentaion functions. We have found good agreement with LHCb data for various differential distributions, except for the case of spectra on azimuthal angle differences at the small values. The total cross-section in our Single Parton Scattering model, calculated under conservative assumptions, accounts for almost one half of observed cross-section, thus dramatically shrinking the room for Double Parton Scattering mechanism.


We found that Single Parton Scattering contribution, calculated in the Leading Order of the parton Reggeization approach, can account for approximately one half of experimental measured value of cross-section. Such a way the contribution of Double Parton Scattering production mechanism is not dominant in the associated Υ(1S)D production.

Primary authors

Mr Anton Karpishkov (Samara National Research University) Mr Maxim Nefedov (Samara National Research University) Prof. Vladimir Saleev (Samara National Research University)

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