20-31 August 2018
House of International Meetings
Europe/Moscow timezone
Lecturers and Themes:
Theory of Matter under Extreme Conditions
David Blaschke (Wroclaw, Poland & Dubna, Russia): Hadron creation and dissociation 
Jakub Jankowski (Warsaw, Poland): Gauge/gravity duality: a theory lab for strong coupling      
Toru Kojo  (Wuhan, China): Three-window approach to dense matter      
Evgeny Kolomeitsev (Banska Bystrica, Slovakia): Relativistic Bose-Einstein condensates
Oleg Teryaev (Dubna, Russia): Anomalies, rotation and polarization in heavy-ion collisions     
Pok Man Lo (Wroclaw, Poland): Theory of resonances and the S-matrix approach to thermodynamics.
Nobutoshi Yasutake (Chiba, Japan): Pasta phases at the deconfinement phase transition     
Dense Matter in Heavy-Ion Collisions (HIC)
Marcus Bleicher (Frankfurt, Germany): Simulations of HIC with QCD phase transition     
Larissa Bravina (Oslo, Norway):  Anisotropic flow and heavy flavors in HIC    
Pasi Huovinen (Wroclaw, Poland): Introduction to hydrodynamic description of HIC            
Sonia Kabana (Nantes, France): Strangeness production in HIC
Peter Senger (Darmstadt, Germany): Heavy-ion collisions in the NICA/CBM energy range
Oleg Rogachevsky (Dubna, Russia): Simulations for the heavy-ion collision program at NICA   
Alexander Sorin (Dubna, Russia): The heavy-ion collision program at NICA
Arkadiy Taranenko (Moscow, Russia): Anisotropic flow in heavy-ion collisions          
Evgeny Zabrodin (Oslo, Norway): Relaxation to equilibrium in HIC                                     
Astrophysics of Superdense Matter
Ernazar Abdikamalov (Astana, Kazakhstan):Explosions of massive stars and formation of  NS
David Alvarez-Castillo (Dubna, Russia): Modern EoS constraints from compact star observations
Hovik Grigorian (Dubna, Russia): Cooling of Compact Stars                           
Luciano Rezzolla (Frankfurt, Germany): Neutron star mergers                                   
Dmitry Voskresensky (Moscow, Russia): Quantum condensates in neutron stars