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Radiochemical separation of actinides obtaining in nucleon transfer reactions

Presented by Mr. Aleksandr BODROV
Type: Poster
Track: Applied Research


Nucleon transfer reactions is a possible way of synthesizing neutron-rich nuclei of heavy and superheavy elements [1,2]. Here we present a radiochemical approach aiming at the analysis of nuclear reaction products from irradiated actinide targets by heavy ion-beams, such as 48Ca and 50Ti at energies up to 280 MeV. Model experiments with lanthanides as chemical analogs of heavy actinides were carried out to optimize the separation procedure using cation-exchange-chromatography with α-HIBA. Each fraction was analyzed by gamma-spectrometry. First results of the radiochemical separation of actinides from different matrices will be shown. 1) V.V. Volkov, Deep inelastic transfer reactions - The new type of reactions between complex nuclei, Physics Reports 44, 93 (1978). 2) A. V. Karpov, V. V. Saiko; Phys. Rev. C. (2017) Vol. 96. P. 024618

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