1-7 February 2021
Europe/Moscow timezone

Scientific Programme


  • Anton Baushev (BLTP JINR), "Gravitational waves: introduction" (2 lectures)
  • Alexander Dolgov (Novosibirsk State Univ.), "Black holes, primordial and others" (2 lectures)
  • Alexander Filippov (BLTP JINR), "A mathematical model of Eternal Cosmology"
  • Dmitry Gorbunov (INR RAS), "Dark Matter Candidates: selected examples"
  • Alexander Kamenshchik (Bologna U. and Landau Inst.), "Some questions of quantum cosmology" (2 lectures)
  • Evgeny Kolomeitsev (BLTP JINR), "Nuclear equation of state and phase transitions, and their astrophysical
  • Vyacheslav Mukhanov (Munich U.),"Instantons and quantum fluctuations", "Non-singular black hole"
  • Konstantin Postnov (SAI MSU),"Astrophysical constraints on primordial black holes" (2 lectures)
  • Valery Rubakov (INR RAS), "Cosmological bounce and genesis: approaches and
    problems" (2 lectures)
  • Mikhail Shaposhnikov (Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne), "Einstein-Cartan cosmology" (2 lectures)
  • Alexey Starobinsky (Landau Inst.) "The simplest viable inflationary models" (3 lectures)
  • Alexey Toporensky (SAI MSU), "Introduction to cosmology" (2 lectures), "Certain aspects of teleparallel and multi dimensional gravity"