SPD Physics and MC meeting N15



Alexey Guskov (JINR)
    • 10:00 10:30
      Physics & MC: uncovered topics 30m
      Speaker: Alexey Guskov (JINR)
    • 10:30 11:00
      Luminosity for Cross-section Calculations : A PHENIX Perspective 30m
      Speaker: Amaresh Datta
    • 11:00 11:30
      On reconstruction of inclusive ηc events via ηc→ΛΛbar 30m
      Speaker: Igor Denisenko (JINR)
    • 11:30 12:00
      Studies on ECAL resolution and efficiency near the azimuthal gaps for different geometry configurations 30m
      Speaker: Andrei Maltsev (JINR)
    • 12:00 12:30
      J/psi pair events at NICA SPD 30m
      Speaker: Andrei Gridin (Russian Federation)
    • 12:30 13:00
      D0-> pi K 30m
      Speaker: Vladimir Andreev (LPI, Moscow)
    • 13:00 13:30
      Feasibility study of observation of squeezed states of pp-interaction 30m
      Speakers: Aida Galoyan (Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics) , Stepan Shimanskiy (JINR) , Vladimir Uzhinsky (LIT, JINR)