The way of informational support of scientific projects in computer center

Aug 25, 2014, 5:30 PM


Russia, 141980 Moscow region, Dubna


Mr Nikolai Yuzhanin (Saint Petersburg State University)


This work describes the idea and implementation of the system of informational support for the scientific projects. Due to large requirements for computational experiments the problem of HPC tasks quantity growth becomes one of the most significant. So the problem of presentation of the information about HPC tasks requires a solution. Usage of the service desk system as a basic element of the computational task tracking and scientific project support system can be such solution. Particular attention also paid to the analysis and the satisfaction of the conflicting requirements to the task tracking subsystem from the different users. Also the web service set used for the integration of the task tracking subsystem and the datacenter environment is considered. This service set became the main interconnect between the parts of the scientific project support system and also such set allows to change the whole system composition quickly and safely.

Primary authors

Mr Ivan Gankevich (Saint Petersburg State University) Mr Nikolai Yuzhanin (Saint Petersburg State University) Mr Valery Zolotarev (Saint Petersburg State University) Mr Yuri Tipikin (Saint Petersburg State University)

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