Oct 17 – 22, 2022
Europe/Moscow timezone

Conference Venue



Conference will be held in Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR in Dubna, Russia. JINR is international intergovernmental scientific research organisation involving 19 Member States.

Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

Administration Building of JINR

Scientific activity of JINR includes high energy physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, development in the informational technology area, radiobiological research. 10 from 16 new chemical elements of Mendeleev Periodic Table known in the World are synthesized in JINR. One of the first elements born in Dubna is "Dubneum" 105th element named after our science city Dubna. 

Stela near the entrance into Institute Part of Dubna

V.I. Lenin Monument


Science city Dubna is young, cosy town, 130 km north of Moscow, on the bank of the Volga river (see http://www.dubna.ru). There is a direct train and bus connection to Moscow.

Despite of young years (Dubna is founded in 1956) the territory of the town has very rich history and monuments. One of them is the Second-largest monument to V.I. Lenin (The First-largest is at Lenin Volga–Don Shipping Canal). The monument is founded in 1937 close to Ivankovskaya hydro-electric-power station at Moscow Canal (sculptor S.D. Merkurov). Whole height — 37 meters (figure height — 22 m, weight — 450 ton). The monument is on one of the picturesque place in our town surrounded by water: Moscow sea, Moscow Canal, Volga river.