Mar 27 – 28, 2023
Armenia, Yerevan
Asia/Yerevan timezone

Presentations of lectures (video):


Lectures in A.I. Alikhanyan National Laboratory

Adaptation mechanisms

Hovik Panosyan  YSU 
Thermophilic prokaryotes: their distribution, biological features and adaptation mechanisms   

Stephanie Chankova IBER-BAS  
Mechanisms involved in the formation of genotype resistance   

Teodora Todorova IBER-BAS  
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae response to various stressors strongly depends on the genotype characteristics 

Mikhail Zarubin JINR  
Biological research at Baksan Neutrino Observatory in the field of low background radiobiology, deep underground microbiology and astrobiology 

Climate changes: influence on  populations

Arsen Manucharyan NCDC RA  
The possible impact of the climate change on the Trans-Arax plague focus.  

Ruben Danielyan  NCDC RA  
Climate change: impact of climate change on natural foci areas 

Oleg Shcherbakov Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydrobiology 
Climate change influence on range expansion of invasive Aedes albopictus mosquitos in Armenia. 


Karen Aghababyan BirdLinks Armenia NGO, American University of Armenia. 
Change of distribution and migration patterns of birds, possible 
reservoirs of vector-borne diseases, under influence of climate change.

Theoretical foundation of adaptation and evolution

Eugene V. Koonin NCBI – NIH 
Evolution as multilevel leaning 

Armen E. Allahverdyan  AANL(YerPhI) 
Thermodynamic selection: mechanisms and scenarios 


David Saakian AANL(YerPhI) 
A solution of the Crow-Kimura evolution model on fluctuating fitness landscapes. 

Alexey V. Chizhov  JINR 
Charge transport in biomolecules and quantum information 

Varazdat Stepanyan YSU 
Disordered Polyelectrolytes in Confined Geometries.