Sep 24 – 30, 2018
Budva, Becici, "Splendid Hotel"
Europe/Podgorica timezone

Hadronic and semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson

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Budva, Becici, "Splendid Hotel"

Budva, Becici, "Splendid Hotel"


Dr Aidos Issadykov (Jinr)


In the wake of the recent measurements of the decays $B_c\to J/\psi\,\pi(K)$ and $B_c\to J/\psi\,\ell\nu_\ell$ reported by the LHCb Collaboration we calculate the form factors for the $B_c\to J/\psi$ and $B_c\to \eta_{c}$ transitions in full kinematical region within covariant confined quark model. Then we use the calculated form factors to evaluate the partial decay widths of the above-mentioned semileptonic and nonleptonic decays of the $B_{c}$ meson. We find that the theoretical predictions on the ratios of $\mathcal{R}_{K^{+}/ \pi^{+}}$ and $\mathcal{R_{\pi^{+}/ \mu^{+} \nu}}$ are in good agreement with last LHCb-data. However, the prediction for the $\mathcal{R}_{ J/\psi}$ is found to be underestimated.

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