Sep 24 – 30, 2018
Budva, Becici, "Splendid Hotel"
Europe/Podgorica timezone

The odderon: myths and realituy

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Budva, Becici, "Splendid Hotel"

Budva, Becici, "Splendid Hotel"


Prof. László Jenkovszky (BITP, Kiev)


High-energy hadron scattering is dominated by the exchange of two Regge exchanging: the pomeron and the odderon. The contribution from secondary reggeons, lying on the f and \rho trajectories at the LHC energies is negligible. While the existence and the properties of the pomeron are firmly established, this is not the case for the odd C-parity counterpart of the pomeron, the odderon, mainly because of its relatively small contribution. We argue that in pp scattering at the LHC energies, the odderon may be important (and "visible") in the dip-bump region, rather than in the ratio \rho(13,0)=01.

Primary author

Prof. László Jenkovszky (BITP, Kiev)


Mr István Szanyi (Uzhgorod State University)

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