New Trends in High-Energy Physics

Budva, Becici, "Splendid Hotel"

Budva, Becici, "Splendid Hotel"

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, (JINR) organizes the conference "New Trends in High-Energy Physics". It will be held in Budva, Becici, Montenegro on 24 - 30 September, 2018.

Preliminary topics:
1)   Test of the Standard Model and search for New physics 
2)   Multi-messenger astrophysics
3)   Neutrino physics
4)   Elastic and diffractive scattering of hadrons and nuclei 
5)   Deep inelastic scattering and multiparticle dynamics 
6)   Ion colliders for study of the baryonic matter at extreme   conditions
7)   Computing for Large Scale Accelerator Facilities (LHC, FAIR, NICA, etc.) 
8)   New detector and data analyses technique
The program will include invited talks (30 minutes) and selected contributed reports (20 minutes).
The working language is English.

The Conference continues the traditions of the previous homonymous conferences

The Conference will be held in the compact and comfortable hotel complex in a small town of Becici, in the Splendid Conference & SPA Resort Hotel, the largest conference venue in Montenegro. Unless requested otherwise, the Organizing Committee will take care of the hotel and meals reservation for all participants. In view of the multidisciplinary nature of the meeting, all speakers are kindly asked to present their results in a comprehensive way, understandable for the audience. Standard projection facilities (viewgraph and beamer/computer) will be available. Free time for discussions and leisure/excursions will be provided.

Participants can arrive at the hotel from 24 Sep 2018 14:00 and stay at the hotel up to 30 Sep 2018 12:00. The Conference will start 25 September 9:00 and will procced until 29 September.

Due to technical reasons credit cards can't be accepted during registration! You are kindly asked to pay your conference fee and accomodation fee via bank transfer or by cash upon your arrival. The bank transfer is more preferable. You will get your payment confirmation documents during registration.

Timetable of the conference
  • Aidos Issadykov
  • Aleksandr Simonenko
  • Alexandre Kozlov
  • Alexey Lubashevskiy
  • Andreas Thomas
  • Andrey Butenko
  • Anna Kotova
  • Anna Rybakova
  • Anton Dolzhikov
  • Antoni Szczurek
  • Antonin Opichal
  • Artur Borodin
  • Bruce Mellado
  • Cecilia Voena
  • Christoph Genster
  • Ciani Giacomo
  • Daniel Cervenkov
  • Dmitry Demin
  • Dmitry Kazakov
  • Erica Brondolin
  • Evgeny Molchanov
  • Evgeny Yakushev
  • Filippo Varanini
  • Gabriella Gaudio
  • Gennady Lykasov
  • Georgy Golovanov
  • Gleb Pokatashkin
  • Hisataka YOSHIDA
  • Ievgen Lavrukhin
  • Irina Titkova
  • Irina Zarubina
  • Ivan Bednyakov
  • Ivan Gorodnov
  • Ivan Yeletskikh
  • Jae-Kwang Hwang
  • Jakub Vlasek
  • Laszlo Jenkovszky
  • Leonid Tkachev
  • Marek Bombara
  • Maxim Gonchar
  • Merve Sahinsoy
  • Mikhail Itkis
  • Mikhail Lyablin
  • Nelli Pukhaeva
  • Nikolay Atanov
  • Oleg Rogachevskiy
  • Olga Solovtsova
  • Pavel Krokovny
  • Pavel Zarubin
  • Rastislav Dvornicky
  • Rebecca Chislett
  • Richard Lednický
  • Rozaliya Matveeva
  • Sergei Kotov
  • Sergey Rozov
  • Shoichiro Nishimura
  • Stanislav Tokar
  • Susanne Mertens
  • Tadeusz Lesiak
  • Tomas Davidek
  • Tomas Nosek
  • Tomasz Wachala
  • Vadim Bednyakov
  • Valerio D'Andrea
  • Victor Kashevarov
  • Victor Matveev
  • Vladimir Glagolev
  • Vyacheslav Belov
  • Wolfgang Schaefer
  • Yuri Davydov
  • Yuri Efremenko
  • Yuri Kharzheev
  • Yury Usov