General Information

In accordance with the plan for international cooperation, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, together with Satbayev University, Almaty, organize the 12th Collaboration Meeting of the BM@N Experiment at the NICA Facility from 13 to 17 May 2024 in Almaty, Kazakhstan (day of arrival – 12 May, day of departure – 18 May).

The focus of the meeting will be on the reconstruction and identification of strange particles, analysis of event topologies of Xe+Cs interactions collected during the xenon physics run of the BM@N experiment. The physics analysis of previously collected argon-nucleus interactions will be reviewed.
The physics program and experimental set-up in the next BM@N experimental run will be discussed.

Organizational issues of the BM@N Collaboration will be discussed at a separate IB Meeting on 13 May.

On 17 May the NICA days 2024 will be held. The workshop aims to briefly review the status of the NICA project and to discuss the physics mission and the programs of the NICA experimental setups (BM@N, MPD and SPD experiments) as well as the applied research planned at the facility (project ARIADNA). The NICA days workshop will serve to advertise the project with the goal to attract new collaborators from the scientific and engineering communities, young scientists and students in particular.