18-30 July 2016
BLTP, JINR, Dubna, Russia
Europe/Moscow timezone
Helmholtz International Summer School (HISS) - Dubna International Advanced School of Theoretical Physics (DIAS TH)


Saturday 23.07

Sergiyev Posad excursion(only who signed in the list)

Bus boarding 

09:50  Vekslera 8

10:00 Moskovskaya 2

Returning from excursion approximately at 16:30

Responsible person : Sandukovskaya Galina

Sunday 24.07

Ratmino picnic(everyone is invited)

Bus boarding 

13:00  Moskovskaya 2

13:15  Vekslera 8

We will provide food(shashlik and etc.) and drinks. 

Returning from picnic approximately at 16:30