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Application of the diethyl ethoxymethylenemalonate (DEEMM) reagent to the RP-HPLC determination of amino acids in foods

Presented by Dr. Aichurok MAZHITOVA
Type: Oral
Track: Life Science


The validation of a pre-column derivatization procedure with diethyl ethoxymethylenemalonate (DEEMM) to the determination of the amino acid content by RP-HPLC with diode array detector (at 280 nm) in food samples was carried out. The analytical parameters: linearity (0.01–4 μg/ml), precision of the method (0.26–4.88% relative standard deviation), derivatization procedure (0.82–2.80% relative standard deviation) and instrument precision (0.08–1.00 % relative standard deviation) were determined. 18 amino acids were determined in different types of food samples (cow milk, mare milk, koumiss, honey, meat, kidney beans) which show universality of application of the method.

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