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Observation of a peak in the forward differential cross section of the pp−>{pp}s pi0 reaction at 1−3 GeV beam energies

Presented by Mrs. Айнур Кунсафина
Type: Poster
Track: Experimental Nuclear Physics


At the ANKE-COSY facility, there is a program for studying the reactions with the formation of 1S0 diproton {pp} s in the final state, which is achieved by selection of proton pairs with an excitation energy of less than 3 MeV. The peak with a peak at Tp = 0.66 GeV previously discovered on the ANKE is related to the excitation of the Δ (1232) isobar in the intermediate state; for the reaction pp → {pp} sπ0, the previous measurements suggest that in the energy dependence of the differential cross section there must be a second peak in the energy region of the order of 2 GeV. In this connection, the report processed data from several sessions in the beam energy range 1-3 GeV, and the energy dependence of the differential reaction cross section pp -> {pp} s pi0 was obtained.

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