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Search of rare reaction channels with proton evaporation

Presented by Mrs. Mereigul TEZEKBAYEVA
Type: Poster
Track: Experimental Nuclear Physics


More than 20 years experiments to synthesis and study of super heavy elements radioactive decay property are carried out in the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. Basically complete fusion reactions of 48Ca accelerated beam with targets heavier than Uranium are used. Isotopes of super heavy elements (SHE) are synthesized in the complete fusion reaction of heavy ions with target nuclei followed by neutron evaporation from exciting compound nucleus. Complete fusion reaction with neutron evaporation can be used for synthesis of limited SHE isotopes number. It is premised on presence of limited number of transuranium isotope elements which are used as a target. In order to obtain more neutron-rich SHE isotopes it is necessary to use exotic reaction with one proton and several neutrons evaporation. For example, in 48Ca+248Cm reaction through p3n channel we have 292Mc115, whereas in directly 48Ca+243Am reaction we have only 288Mc115 ,289Mc115 isotopes.

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