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Investigation of low-lying states in 133Sn populated in the β decay of 133In using isomer-selective laser ionization

Presented by Monika PIERSA
Type: Oral
Track: Experimental Nuclear Physics


The region of the chart of nuclei close to the doubly-magic nucleus 132Sn has been the object of enormous interest in both experimental and theoretical investigations for the last several years. This activity is well-motivated by the fact that nuclei with large neutron excess are an ideal playground to verify the reliability of shell model predictions for nuclei far from stability. The crossing of the major neutron (N=82) and proton (Z=50) shell closures allows for investigation of single-particle states and interaction strengths in this neutron-rich region. A better understanding of the neutron-rich 132Sn region requires not only more data but also more precise. Our studies focus on the closest neighbour of 132Sn - one-neutron particle 133Sn. In order to investigate neutron single-particle states, we studied the β decay of 133In. The purpose of this work is to verify the experimental possibilities to investigate separately the β decay from the 133 In (9/2+) ground state and its (1/2-) isomeric level.

Primary authors

  • Monika PIERSA Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, ul.Pasteura 5, PL 02-093 Warsaw, Poland