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Tier-1 service monitoring system in JINR

Presented by Mr. Igor PELEVANYUK
Type: Oral
Track: Information Technology


Tier-1 site for CMS experiment is an important component of the JINR Multifunctional Information and Computing Complex (MICC). On the top of the JINR Tier-1 hardware services are running. The services are programs which run all the time and work as a layer between Tier-1 hardware and applications or users. Their reliability determines Tier-1 quality. These services run on the top of the pyramid “Engineering→ Network→ Hardware→ Software”. So services could fail in case of any failure at any level. A new system was developed to do service monitoring and to collect data from different sources including local hosts, web pages and central REST services of WLCG infrastructure. This system can automatically determine the status of services based on collected data. After that, it becomes possible to react to events happening with services.