5th Collaboration Meeting of the BM@N Experiment at the NICA Facility

from Monday, 20 April 2020 (10:00) to Tuesday, 21 April 2020 (18:00)
VBLHEP (Videoconference)

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20 Apr 2020
21 Apr 2020
Parallel sessions - Alexander Zinchenko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) (until 13:45) (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:00 Generator of Heavy Ion Collisions DCM-SMM - Genis Musulmanbekov (JINR, LIT)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:20 The status of the centrality classes determination with the ZDC for CC@4AGeV (Run 6) experimental data - Sergey Morozov (Institute for Nuclear Research RAS)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:40 MC tuning for the identification in argon run - Vasily Plotnikov (VBLHEP JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:00 GEM to CSC to TOF400 matching in simulation - Ksenia Alishina (Russia)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:15 Procedure of digit level embedding of simulated reconstructable Lambda^0 decay products into the BM@N inner tracker experimental data - Ilnur Gabdrakhmanov (JINR VBLHEP)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:30 --- Break ---
11:50 Raw data embedding algorithm of decay products from the Lambda0-hyperon decay to experimental data of ArKr-run aimed at adjusting the tracking procedure for the BM@N central tracker - Pavel Batyuk (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:10 DCH in RUN7: MC vs. data - Mr Nikolay Voytishin (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:30 12C fragmentation in carbon - proton collisions. Comparison of SRC data with DCM-SMM generator (status of work) - Vasilisa Lenivenko (LHEP)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:45 Beam, PID and the upstream tracking - Maria Patsyuk (MIT)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
13:05 Reconstruction of the proton arms - Julian Kahlbow   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
13:25 Analysis of fragments - Valerii Panin   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
Parallel sessions - Anna Maksymchuk (JINR) (until 13:00) (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:00 Status of the GEM/CSC tracking system - Andrei Galavanov (JINR, MEPhI)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:10 Vacuum beam pipe status. Engineering upgrade of the BM@N setup - Semen Piyadin (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:25 New detectors for the next SRC run - Maria Patsyuk (MIT)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:40 Design of the FEE for BM@N Si-subsystems - Yulia Ivanova (VBLHEP JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:50 Performance of power supply for BM@N Si-subsystems - Yurii Kopylov (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:00 Test results of BM@N Si-detectors - Ekaterina Streletskaya (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:10 --- Break ---
11:30 Design and alignment accuracy of mechanical support for BM@N Si-subsystems - Evgenii Zubarev   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:40 Status of the new BM@N FHCAL with a hodoscope in the calorimeter beam hole - Alexander Ivashkin (INR RAS, Moscow)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:00 Data selection criteria for gamma-clusters detection in BMN ECAL - Petr Alekseev   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:30 Status of ECAL data calibration for Run-6 - Dmitriy Sakulin (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:45 ZDC data analysis in comparison with the prediction of LAQGSM and UrQMD models - Natalia Zhigareva (ITEP, Moscow, Russia)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
Parallel sessions - Konstantin Gertsenberger (JINR) (until 13:00) (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:00 New architecture of the information services for BM@N - Ivan Slepov (JINR)   (Cisco meeting room)
10:20 Geometry Design for the BM@N detectors: status and preparation for the next run - Dmitry Baranov (tuta)   (Cisco meeting room)
10:40 Status of Geometry Database development for the BM@N experiment - Evgeny Aleksandrov (LIT, JINR)   (Cisco meeting room)
10:55 Online Electronic Logbook Improvement for the future BM@N runs - alexandr chebotov (lit)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:10 --- Break ---
11:30 Workflow Services for distributed processing BM@N data - Artem Petrosyan (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:45 Modernized Supercomputer Govorun as a computing environment for BM@N data processing - Maxim Zuev (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:00 Incorporating Docker into BM@N software development process - Mr Nikita Balashov (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:15 Simulation of data processing centers for the BM@N experiment on the basis of the probability approach - Daria PRYAHINA (LIT, JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:30 Modification of simulation, reconstruction and quality assurance modules of the BmnRoot software - Sergei Nemnyugin (Saint-Petersburg State University)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:45 Visualization and auxiliary tools development in BM@N experiment - Peter Klimai (MIPT)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:00 Forward silicon detectors - Bogdan Topko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:25 DAQ for STS - Dmitrii Dementev (JINR LHEP)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
10:40 DAQ for BM@N - Andrey Shchipunov (JINR)   (Videoconference)
10:50 --- Break ---
11:10 Status of the BM@N simulation and data reconstruction - Sergei Merts (JINR, LHEP)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
11:35 BM@N software development - Konstantin Gertsenberger (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
13:00 --- Break ---
14:00 Status of the BM@N experiment - Mikhail Kapishin (JINR, LHEP)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
14:20 Upgrade of the BM@N detectors - Anna Maksymchuk (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
14:50 Upgrade of the beam pipe, beam detectors and trigger system - Sergey Sedykh (JINR)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
15:15 STS tracking system for BM@N - Dmitrii Dementev (JINR LHEP)   (Cisco Webex meeting room)
15:40 --- Break ---
IB meeting (until 18:00) (Cisco Webex meeting room)
12:00 SRC status and analysis - Julian Kahlbow   (Cisco Webex meeting room)