Oct 9 – 12, 2017
Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
Europe/Moscow timezone



The topics of the Conference will highlight results of interdisciplinary research and development of neutron instruments and techniques, including:

​-  Functional and nanostructured materials;

-  Magnetic colloid systems;

-  Layered magnetic nanostructures;

-  Carbon nanostructures;

-  Materials under extreme conditions;

-  Soft condensed matter (biological nanosystems, lipid membranes, polymers);

-  Lattice and molecular dynamics of materials;

-  Texture and properties of rocks and minerals;

-  Residual stresses in materials and products;

-  Neutron imaging;

-  Development of IBR-2 instruments;

-  Development of correlation methods for neutron diffractometry;

-  Development of neutron scattering techniques;

-  Development of neutron detectors.