NARX Neural Prediction of Oscilational Instability at the IBR-2M reactor

Jul 8, 2022, 11:15 AM
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Mihai-Tiberiu Dima (JINR - MLIT)


During the start-up regime of the IBR-2M power fluctuations appear, which
the AR system dampens. Their origin is not completely clear, however it
is known that the major reactivity sources are from design - respectively
the OPO and DPO reflectors (axial fluctuations towards the active zone and
their relative phase of intersecting each other facing the center of the
active zone).
A neuromorphic solution is sought to anticipate (5-10 s) such fluctuations.
I present encouraging preliminary results obtained with a Non-linear
Autoregressive Exogenous neural network, the main features of the
fluctuations being anticipatable.

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Primary author

Mihai-Tiberiu Dima (JINR - MLIT)

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