25-29 April 2022
Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
Europe/Moscow timezone
In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is planned to organize the upcoming CMR@IBR-2 Conference ONLINE.

After modernization completed in 2011, the IBR high flux pulsed reactor renewed a regular operation and realization of the User Programme. Neutron scattering research at IBR-2 reactor covers different fields of condensed matter physics, materials science, chemistry, biophysical, geophysical and engineering sciences. At present, 200 experiments per year are performed by scientists from more than 20 countries at IBR-2 instruments in the framework of the User Programme.

The aim of the Conference on Condensed Matter Research at IBR-2 reactor, playing the role of the User Meeting, is to bring together the users of the neutron facility for discussion of recent experimental results, prospects of future research and development of IBR-2 instruments.

Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
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