25-29 April 2022
Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
Europe/Moscow timezone
The upcoming CMR@IBR-2 Conference held ONLINE. Join us in Zoom via this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89016653462?pwd=T3piVnd3R3pHMTZqUGJlOEZ3UlZyUT09

Poster session I

Poster session I (Tuesday, April 26, 2022)

Functional and nanostructured materials

1. Aleksiayenаk Yu. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Influence of neutron irradiation on the elemental content and optical properties of the CaF2 and BaF2 crystals.

2. Khongorzul B. (Institute of Physics and Technology, MAS, Mongolia) 

 Theoretical investigation of structure and magnetic property of Ni substituted MgFe2O4.

3. Belozerova N.M. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 High-pressure effect on internal structure and atomic dynamics of pharmaceutical compounds.

4. Chebyshev K. (Donetsk National University, Ukraine)

 Neutron diffraction investigation of pressure dependence of Nd5Mo3O16+δ crystal structure.

5. Craus M. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Magnetic and crystalline structure of some doped with Cr manganites.

6. Craus M. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Correlation between the Cr concentration and magnetic nanostructure parameters for La0.54Ho0.11Sr0.35Mn1-xCrxO3 manganites. 

7. Fedoseev M. (NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – CRISM «Prometey», Russian Federation)

 Study of sigma phase emergence in stainless steel welds.

8. Genov I. (IEES-BAS, Bulgaria / FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Structural properties of bifunctional catalysts for zinc-air batteries.

9. Hashimov R.  (Institute of Physics, ANAS, Azerbaijan)

 Structural analysis of La0.78Ba0.22MnO3 by X-ray diffraction. Not submitted

10. Hristea G. (INCDIE ICPE CA, Romania)

 Inherent impurities in graphene-like materials.

11. Kalanda N. (Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of RB, Belarus)

 Effect of oxygen nonstoichiometry on the magnetic properties of La0.7Sr0.3Mn0.95Fe0.05O3-δ manganites.

12. Kirillov A. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Permeability of a coal seam with respect to fractal features of pore space of fossil coals.

13. Kosiachkin Y. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Neutron and X-ray reflectometry studies of planar interfaces for lithium power sources. Not submitted

14. Thao T.P. Le (University of Science and Education (UD), Vietnam)

 High pressure-enhanced magnetic ordering and magnetostructural coupling in geometrically frustrated spinel Mn3O4.

15. Lis O. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 The pressure effect on the crystal and magnetic structure of ScMnO3.

16. Nagorna T. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Preliminary studies on magnetic and non-magnetic core silica gels by SAXS, SANS, ESR, and VSM methods. Not submitted

17. Pernikov M. (University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria)

 Spectroscopic and neutron diffraction investigations on glasses and glass-ceramics in the Na2O/BaO/TiO2/B2O3/SiO2/Al2O3 system.

18. Petrov A. (Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of RB, Belarus)

 Crystal and magnetic structures of Sr2FeMoO6-δ at high pressure.

19. Popov E. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Investigation of phase transitions in sintered W-6wt.%B4C -2wt.%TiC –1wt.%C alloy irradiated by He ions.

20. Rutkauskas A. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Crystal and magnetic structure of half-Heusler compounds MnNi0.9M0.1Sb (M = Ti, V, Cr, Fe, Co) at low temperatures.

21. Rzayev R. (Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan)

 Thermophysical properties of Y2O3 nanoparticles under the influence of high-intensity fast neutrons. Not submitted

22. Skanchenko D. (PNPI, Russian Federation)

 Neutron diffraction studies of compounds based on MnGe under high pressure at low temperatures in high magnetic fields.

23. Tomchuk O. (Institute of Environmental Geochemistry, NASU, Ukraine)

 Structural organization of nanodispersed aluminic material synthesized in a plasma reactor. Not submitted

24. Tomchuk O. (Institute of Environmental Geochemistry, NASU, Ukraine)

 Structural features of liquid crystalline suspensions of diamond nanoparticles by neutron scattering. Not submitted

25. Zakharova A. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Electrical properties of a hydrated contact of different-sized YSZ –particles.

26. Yarmolich M. (Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS RB, Belarus)

 Obtaining of nanosized powders of the Sr-Ba-Fe-Mo-O system by sol-gel technique.

Development of neutron scattering techniques and instruments

27. Altynbaev E. (PNPI, Russian Federation)

 Development of linear position-sensitive neutron detector for modern neutron sources. 

28. Glushkova T. (PNPI, Russian Federation)

 Prototypes of neutron scintillation detectors based on ZnS(Ag)/LiF and SiPM.

29. Kirilov A. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Instruments control software at the IBR-2 reactor: experience and prospects.

30. Kolesnikov A. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 The preparation of thin film coating converter 10B4C for slow neutron detectors. Not submitted

31. Kruglov A. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Results of modernization of the FSS neutron Fourier diffractometer at the IBR-2 reactor.

32. Kurilkin A. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 GEANT4 simulation of a thermal neutron detector with a boron converter.

33. Litvin V. (INR RAS, Russian Federation)

 SANS research of heat-resistant nonmagnetic alloys at neutron reflectometr - SANS instrument «GORIZONT» in INR RAS. Not submitted

34. Paveleva A. (PNPI, Russian Federation)

 Variations of piston-cylinder cells for neutron scattering under high pressure. Not submitted

35. Remizov M. (PNPI, Russian Federation)

 Physical model of the in-beam spectrometer on PIK reactor.

36. Sikolenko V. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Upgrade plans for Epsilon diffractometer.