25-29 April 2022
Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
Europe/Moscow timezone
The upcoming CMR@IBR-2 Conference held ONLINE. Join us in Zoom via this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89016653462?pwd=T3piVnd3R3pHMTZqUGJlOEZ3UlZyUT09

Poster session II

Poster session II (Wednesday, April 27, 2022)

Soft condensed matter (biological nanosystems, lipid membranes, polymers)

1. Artykulnyi O. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Structural studies of surfactant-polymer associations in bulk and at interfaces. Not submitted

2. Avdeev M. (MSU, Russian Federation)

 Synthesis of polyacrylamide gel nanolayers on oxidized silicon surface for use as smart coatings with controlled release of antiseptics.

3. Balasoiu M. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Investigation of several mollusck shells from danube delta and constanta Black see shore by means of small-angle neutron scattering. 

4. Balasoiu M. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Small-angle neutron scattering investigation of ferrofluids with magnetite nanoparticles coated with aspartic-acid, starch and hyaluronic acid. 

5. Balasoiu M. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Structural investigation of magnetite and cobalt ferrite mesoporous nanoparticles coated with amino acids as stabilizing accents. 

6. Baranova I. (Institute of Physics, ELI Beamlines, CAS, Czech Republic)

 Crystallographic and small angle scattering studies of hemoglobin crystal nucleation and cluster formation.

7. Burgakov V. (PNPI, Russian Federation)

 Chromatin structure in the tumor cells with radioresistant phenotype. Not submitted

8. Kurakin S. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Characterization of cation-zwitterionic lipid interactions: small angle neutron/X-ray scattering and densitometry study.

9. Makhaldiani N. (LIT JINR, Russian Federation)

 Methods of fundamental physics and applied mathematics, there is no silver lining or how to treat chronic diseases with Covid.

10. Kosiachkin Y. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Development and operation tests of the temperature/humidity sample cell for neutron reflectometry. 

11. Kuzmenko M. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Structuring of trisiloxanes-based superspreaders at interface and in bulk by neutron scattering. 

12. Iashina E. (SPSU, PNPI NRC KI, Russian Federation)

 Model of large scale chromatin organisation in biological cell nuclei based on SANS data.

13. Kuklina D. (MIPT, Russian Federation) 

 Stability of trimers of dimers of NpSRII/NpHtrII complex at low salt concentration.

14. Makarova A. (MSU, Russian Federation)

 Viscoelastic properties and structure of dual networks of polymer and micellar chains. Not submitted

15. Ospennikov A. (MSU, Russian Federation)

 Study of the effect of a water-soluble monomer on micelles of surfactants for micellar polymerization problems.

16. Ospennikov A. (MSU, Russian Federation)

 Structure, synergistic enhancement of viscoelastic properties and responsiveness to hydrocarbons of a new mixed viscoelastic surfactant system.

17. Pavlova A. (PNPI NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, Russian Federation)

 Novel resorcinol-formaldehyde aerogels: synthesis, structure and fractal properties.

18. Slavkova Z. (G. Nadjakov Institute of Solid State Physics BAS, Bulgaria)

 Interaction of N,N´-disubstituted benzimidazole-2-thione derivatives containing vanilloid-like fragments with model phospholipid membranes.

19. Tropin T. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 On the temperature dependence of the thickness and structure of C70/polystyrene thin films.

20. Verlov N. (PNPI NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, Russian Federation)

 Chromatin structure in the tumor cells with radioresistant phenotype. Not submitted

21. Shnyrkov O. (PNPI, Russian Federation)

 Fractal characteristics of coniferous and deciduous trees. 

Magnetic nanomaterials

22. Antropov N. (Institute of Metal Physics, Russian Federation)

 Tunable spin-flop transition in artificial ferrimagnets. Not submitted

23. Darziyeva T. (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

 Effect of high temperatures on the magnetic properties of Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Not submitted

24. Karpets M. (Dep. of Magnetism IEP SAS/Dep. of Physics FEI TUKE, Slovakia)

 Self-assembled particle layering induced by electric field in transformer oil-based ferrofluid by neutron reflectometry. Not submitted

25. Kolupaev E. (MSU / FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Absorption and scattering of neutrons in a resonator structure. Not submitted

26. Kozhevnikov S. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Angular divergence of neutron microbeams from planar waveguides.

27. Makarova M. (Institute of Metal Physics, Russian Federation)

 Magnetic structure of Dy-Co near the compensation temperature.

28. Nagornyi A. (Institute for Environment Geochemistry NASU, Ukraine / FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Interaction of aggregates in ferrofluids according to small-angle scattering data.

29. Nikova E. (IMP UB RAS, Russian Federation)

 Investigation of the Fe-Cr superlattice with non-collinear magnetic ordering.

30. Yakunina E. (IMP UB RAS, Russian Federation)

 Structural and magnetic characterization of Fe/MgO/Gd nanosystems.

Neutron imaging and cultural heritage

31. Zel I. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Simple method for correction of center of rotation in neutron tomography.

32. Zhomartova A. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Study of cultural heritage objects from the ancient Turkic cult-memorial complex of East Kazakhstan with non - destructive neutron methods.

Application of complementary techniques

33. Dashdemirov A. (Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan)

 Photoconductivity of Ge1-xNdxS at high temperatures. Not submitted

34. Didenko E. (JINR, Russian Federation)

 Research of electric properties of hydratable crystal MnSe-CuInSe2 promising for using in renewable energy. 

35. Harutyunyan V. (A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory, Armenia)

 Radiation resistance of thermoregulating coatings irradiated using IBR-2.

36. Ivanshina O. (FLNP JINR, Russian Federation)

 Thermal analysis and synthesis of new materials in FLNP JINR.

37. Nabiyeva A. (İnstitute of Physics ANAS, Azerbaijan)

 Thermal properties of the La0.73Ba0.27MnO3 at high temperature. Not submitted

38. Kazantsev A. (MIPT, Russian Federation)

 New program in Wolfram Mathematica: calculate peaks easily. Not submitted

39. Soran M.L. (National Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technolgies, Romania)

 Evaluation of copper salts consequence on Triticum aestivum.