Decision trees as an alternative for particle identification with TPC and TOF detector system

Jul 6, 2022, 6:05 PM
Presentation Track 1. Machine Learning in Particle Astrophysics and High Energy Physics Session 1. ML in Particle Astrophysics and High Energy Physics


Vladimir Papoyan (JINR)


Machine Learning methods are wildly used for particle identification (PID) in experimental high energy physics nowadays. Particle identification plays an important role in high-energy physics analysis therefore determines the success of the performing an experiment. This determines importance of using machine learning to the PID problem. This report gives a preliminary status of application of decision tree to particle identification problem with TPC and TOF detector system.

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Primary author


Alexander Ayriyan (Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR) Hovik Grigorian (JINR) Alexander Mudrokh (JINR)

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