Underwater biotope mapping: automatic processing of underwater video data

Jul 7, 2022, 3:45 PM
Presentation Track 3. Machine Learning in Natural Sciences Session 3. Machine learning in Biology and Other Natural Sciences


Oleg Iakushkin (Saint-Petersburg State University)


The task of analysing the inhabitants of the underwater world is applicable to a wide range of applied problems: construction, fishing, and mining. Currently, this task is applied on an industrial scale by a rigorous review done by human experts in the field of underwater life. In this work, we present a tool that we have created that allows us to significantly reduce the time spent by a person on video analysis. Our technology offsets the painstaking video review task to AI, creating a shortcut that allows experts to only verify the accuracy of the results. To achieve this we have developed an observation pipeline by dividing the video into frames; assessing their degree of noise and blurriness; performing corrections via resolution increase; analysing the number of animals on each frame; building a report on the content of the video, and displaying the obtained data of the biotope on the map. This greatly reduces the time spent analysing underwater video data.

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Primary authors

Oleg Iakushkin (Saint-Petersburg State University) Ekaterina Pavlova Anastasiya Lavrova Olga Sedova (Saint-Petersburg State University)

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