The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, an international intergovernmental research organization, located in the town of Dubna, Russia, organizes an India-JINR scientific meeting. The goal of this multidisciplinary workshop is strengthening the cooperation and furthering scientific exchange among the scientists and PhD students from India and the JINR in particle and nuclear physics, and condensed matter research.


This three-day workshop, beginning on the 16th of October, 2023 will cover the theoretical and experimental aspects of the studies of particle and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, nuclear methods in life sciences, material science, IT, and some other related areas. Another area of interest will be the discussion of education and training in the topics in nuclear physics and other topics to be covered in the workshop. 


While in-person participation is strongly encouraged, the workshop will be held in a hybrid format (both online and offline). The core program of the workshop will include plenary (30 min) talks, supplemented by more special thematic sessions. Both young and experienced researchers from both sides are encouraged to actively participate so that the workshop may act as a platform of a meaningful exchange of ideas. 


There is no registration fee for the workshop, and a limited amount of the overall budget of the workshop is reserved for assisting Indian scientists visiting Dubna.


The Program Committee: J. Alam (VECC), V. Aswal (BARC), V. Braguta (JINR), A. Jaiswal (NISER), A. Karpov (JINR), Yu. Kopach (JINR), M. Maiti (IIT Roorkee), V. Ryabov (JINR, PNPI), K. Sengupta (IACS)


Organizing Committee: Sergei Nedelko (chair), Alexey Zhemchugov, Trambak Bhattacharyya (scientific secretary), Alexey Aparin , Norbert Kucerka, Olga Korotchik (secretary)


Important dates:

10th September, 2023 -deadline  for registration of in-person participants

1st October, 2023 - deadline for abstract submission and talk requests

15th October, 2023 - end of registration for remote participants.

The call for abstracts is open
You can submit an abstract for reviewing.
Registration for this event is currently open.