52nd meeting of the PAC for Nuclear Physics



    • 10:00 10:05
      1. Opening of the meeting 5m
      Speaker: M. Lewitowicz
    • 10:05 10:20
      2. Implementation of the recommendations of the previous PAC meeting 15m
      Speaker: M. Lewitowicz
    • 10:20 10:35
      3. Information on the Resolution of the 127th session of the JINR Scientific Council (February 2020) and on the decisions of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries (June 2020) 15m
      Speaker: S. Dmitriev
    • 10:35 10:55
      4. Report on the concluding theme "Improvement of the JINR Phasotron and Design of Cyclotrons for Fundamental and Applied Research" 20m

      Referees: A. Maj, C. Petitjean, Z. Vilakazi, E. Vardaci 5'

      Speaker: G. Karamysheva
    • 11:10 11:30
      5. Status of preparation of a new project "Modernization of the EG-5 accelerator and development of its experimental infrastructure" 20m

      Referees: G. Kim, M. Lewitowicz, V. Nesvizhevsky, V. Ostashko 5'

      Speaker: A. Doroshkevich
    • 11:35 11:55
      6. Proposal for opening a new project: "Muon ordinary capture for the nuclear matrix elements in 2β-decays (project MONUMENT)" 20m

      Referees: C. Beck, F. Piquemal, C. Petitjean, I. Štekl, B. Chernyshev, F. Šimkovic 5'

      Speaker: D. Zinatulina
    • 12:00 12:20
      Break 20m
    • 12:20 13:30
      7. Preparation of the PAC recommendations 1h 10m
    • 13:30 13:50
      8. PAC recommendations 20m
    • 13:50 13:55
      9. Closing of the meeting 5m