25-29 September 2017
Montenegro, Budva, Becici
Europe/Podgorica timezone

Experimental projects dedicated to the research of exotic nuclei in Dubna

25 Sep 2017, 15:30
Conference Hall (Montenegro, Budva, Becici)

Conference Hall

Montenegro, Budva, Becici

Splendid Conference & SPA Resort, 85315 Becici, Montenegro Hotel Splendid
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Dr Sergey Sidorchuk (FLNR JINR)


The development of the experimental base of the Flerov Laboratory (JINR, Dubna) assumed for the forthcoming 7-year period includes two principal directions. The first one implies the study of physical and chemical properties of nuclei in the vicinity of the so called “Stability Island”. This activity will be developed mainly on the base of the Super Heavy Elements (SHE) Factory. The factory, comprising the high current cyclotron DC280 and a number of new facilities is expected to be launched by the end of 2017. High intensity of accelerated beams and drastically improved parameters of new separators will secure the increase of the total efficiency of experiments at least by a factor of 1000. Another promising field of research is connected with the use of secondary beams of radioactive nuclei. The new fragment separator ACCULINNA-2 intended for studies in the region of light masses close to the nucleon drip lines was recently put into operation in the Flerov Laboratory. The scientific plan for forthcoming several years implies modernization of the operating accelerators aimed, particularly, at the essential increase of the energy of accelerated nuclei used for the production of radioactive beams. The technical changes combined with tried and tested experimental approaches provide luminosity of secondary beams on a physical target the level with that expected for the most advanced Radioactive Beam Factories.

Primary author

Dr Sergey Sidorchuk (FLNR JINR)

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