Sep 25 – 29, 2017
Montenegro, Budva, Becici
Europe/Podgorica timezone

Sightseeings of      Montenegro

Sightseeings of Montenegro

Budva is one of the most popular resorts of the Adriatic coast. Budva has many interesting sights such as an ancient citadel Old City, a number of ancient churches, and a museum of Archeology. Its suburb has preserved a unique beautiful island of Saint Stefan where a complex of de luxe hotels is situated. It is regularly visited by Hollywood stars.

Sveti Stefan island-hotel (Saint Stefan) is one of the most precious gifts of nature to Montenegro. This surprising place is visited annually by thousand tourists from all over the world. It is located 9 km from Budva. It is a small island connected with the land by a narrow isthmus. The road to the island is carefully protected so only the clients of the island-hotel may get inside. The history of Sveti Stefan began in the 15th century, at that particular time local residents constructed a small fortress on the rock to protect them from attacks of pirates. For the long time, Sveti Stefan was a usual fishing village, and only in the 20th century it turned to a magnificent closed island-hotel.

Podgorica is a business capital of Montenegro, its administrative, economic and industrial centre. The name Podgorica means "under the Gorica" in the Serbian language. Gorica (meaning "little hill" or hillock) is the name of the cypress-covered hill that overlooks the city centre. Here there is the largest airport of Montenegro, offices, banks, shopping centers and cinemas. The overwhelming majority of Montenegro population lives in the capital. There are a lot of sights in Podgorica. Special attention should be paid to the Jail monastery, fortress city Medun and the Millennium bridge, everything is just next door to the capital.

Skadar Lake is located in the southern part of Montenegro and represents a natural reservoir of about 40 square meters. This is the biggest lake with sweet water on the Balkan peninsula which has a status of National park. Its depth reaches 70 meters. Due to its unique ecosystem, the Skadar Lake belongs to a category of nature reserves.

Boka Kotorska Bay is unanimously considered a visiting card of Montenegro. A unique gulf, the most southern fjord of Europe, it boggles the mind of all visitors of Montenegro. The cities of Boka-Kotorska bay are very different and original, each of them possesses its own charm and fascination. At the entrance to Boka Kotorska bay Herceg Novi locates and its suburb Igalo with its famous mud baths. The city of Tivat with its airoport and worldwide famous yacht - parking Porto Montenegro is seen ahead. In the depth of the bay hidden is the ancient city of Kotor - one of the most beautiful cities of the world which is protected by UNESCO.

The ancient city of Kotor is known as a pearl of the Adriatic coast. Constrained, refined and surrounded by mountains, it boggles the mind at a first sight and annually attracts millions of tourists. Kotor is under UNESCO protection and by the right has a proud rank of an open-air museum. The Medieval architecture of Kotor includes narrow paved streets, natural stone houses as well as the Old Fortress with its wall of 250 meter height, as well as a number of churches and cathedrals.

Cetinje is a city and Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, its administrative, historical and cultural capital, with the official residence of the President of Montenegro. It is situated high up in the mountains, there is an automobile serpentine road with steep passings. The city is picturesque and very clean, everyone feels its completely different life style than at the coast. Accurate small houses, direct streets, a lot of sights. Local residents communicate easily in European languages, a lot of students. This area preserves numerous ancient monuments of architecture. At the foot of Lovćen mountains there is a Cetinje Monastery constructed in XV century. John the Baptizer’s right hand and a chip of the wooden cross of the crucifixion of Christ are kept there. Behind the monastery there is a Petar II PetroviĆ NjegoŠ Mausoleum on the mountain LovĆen.