Sep 25 – 29, 2017
Montenegro, Budva, Becici
Europe/Podgorica timezone

Software Implementation of USB 3.0 Stack for Upgraded Data Link Interface on IBR-2 Reactor Spectrometers in FLNP

Sep 26, 2017, 3:00 PM
Conference Hall (Montenegro, Budva, Becici)

Conference Hall

Montenegro, Budva, Becici

Splendid Conference & SPA Resort, 85315 Becici, Montenegro Hotel Splendid
Sectional Triggering, Data Acquisition, Control Systems Triggering, Data Acquisition, Control Systems


Ms Svetlana Murashkevich (RUSSIA, JINR)


In this work software implementation of USB3.0 stack protocols for operating data acquisition units of the IBR-2 spectrometric system with an upgraded communication adapter, is considered. The data acquisition system on De-Li-DAQ-2D and MPD blocks developed earlier in FLNP is widely used at present on neutron spectrometers. To connect the modules to the computer, an FLINK fiber optic adapter with an USB2.0 interface was originally developed for this system. Modern trends towards increasing the number of detector channels and the volumes of the recorded and accumulated information in real time in experiments on IBR-2 spectrometers in FLNP require increasing the bandwidth and reliability of the communication channel. In addition to replacing the driver and using the FTD3XX library of the FT600 chip to provide the USB Super Speed to FIFO bridge with a new communication adapter, improvement of software for an advanced application communication protocol with DAQ blocks is also required. Upgrading of the adapter and improvement of software for a new application-layer protocol have resulted in an increase of the bandwidth and reliability of the communication channel.

Primary author

Ms Svetlana Murashkevich (RUSSIA, JINR)


Mr Vladimir Drozdov (JINR, FLNP)

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