Analytical platform for intellectual labour market analysis

Jul 8, 2022, 11:00 AM
Presentation Track 4. Machine Learning in Education Session 4. Machine Learning in Education


Anna Ilina (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)


The paper presents an analytical platform that implements automated monitoring and analysis of the labor market in the Russian Federation. The platform is based on Big Data solutions and technologies. End-to-end processing corresponds to the general scheme of step-by-step solving of the problem - from data collection, their transformation, analysis, and modeling to services for visualization of results and decision-making. The analytical core of the system is a module for intelligent analysis of texts of job advertisements in the labor market. Vacancy data is collected from the most extensive databases in Russia (HeadHunter, TrudVsem, and SuperJob). The matching of job descriptions and the official list of professions of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation using semantic analysis based on neural models trained on large bodies of texts. The results are presented using several services developed within the MS Power BI business intelligence system. Data collection has been ongoing since 2015. About 500 thousand active vacancies per day are processed.

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Primary authors

Anna Ilina (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Vladimir Korenkov (JINR) Petr Zrelov (LIT JINR) Sergey Belov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Igor Pelevanyuk (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Ivan Kadochnikov (JINR) Vitaly Tarabrin (PRUE) Javad Javadzade (JINR) Daria Priakhina (ЛИТ) Irina Filozova (JINR) Iuliia Gavrilenko (Research Assistant, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia) Roman Semenov (JINR)

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