Contribution List

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Prof. Victor Matveev (JINR)
7/4/16, 9:00 AM
Dr Vladimir Korenkov (JINR)
7/4/16, 10:00 AM
7/4/16, 11:30 AM
Дмитрий Юрьевич Соловьев (IBS Platformix)
7/4/16, 4:10 PM
7/6/16, 8:00 AM
Dr Attila Bende (National Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies)
7/7/16, 11:00 AM
Victor Lakhno (Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology RAS – the Branch of Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences and Acting Head of the Laboratory of Quantum-Mechanical Systems of the IMPB RAS)
7/8/16, 9:20 AM
4. Scientific, industry and business applications in distributed computing systems
Plenary reports
The lecture gives a review of numerical experiments on a charge transfer in DNA. The charge motion is described in terms of quantum mechanics, whereas vibrational degreese of fredom are treated both classically and quantum mechanically. Special attention is given to dynamics of polaron state formation, polaron motion in electric field, Bloch oscillations and breather states. The dynamics of...