NRC "KI" participation in DataLake project

Sep 11, 2018, 2:30 PM


Sectional reports 10. Databases, Distributed Storage systems, Datalakes 10. Databases, Distributed Storage systems, Datalakes


Mr Andrey Kiryanov (PNPI)


WLCG DataLake R&D project aims at exploring an evolution of distributed storage while bearing in mind very high demands of HL-LHC era. Its primary objective is to optimize hardware usage and operational costs of a storage system deployed across distributed centers connected by fat networks and operated as a single service. Such storage would host a large fraction of the WLCG data and optimize the cost, eliminating inefficiencies due to fragmentation. In this talk we will explain NRC "KI" role in the DataLake project with highlight on our goals, achievements and future plans.

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