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The proceedings GRID-2018 are now online at

Table of Contents

Plenary Reports

Sectional Reports




Papers for the Conference Proceedings must be ready till 
6 November 2018 and sent to

Types of Paper

Plenary talks - max 6 pages (6 pages is a number of pages just for article text, without title and abstract).

Sectional talks and Posters - max 4 pages (4 pages is a number of pages just for article text, without title and abstract).

Rules for the submission of proceedings

Only proceedings that have not been published previously and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere can be submitted.
Proceedings should be submitted in electronic form in MS Word format.
You should follow the rules and use templates.

The rules for the submission of proceedings are presented in the document GRID2018_template_eng.rtf

The example of well-formed document see in GRID2018_example.docx

For articles in Russian, Authors should duplicate Title, Author (and each Co-authors) and Affiliation, Abstract, Keywords and Copyright line in English - GRID2018_example_rus.docx

Paper Review

All materials submitted to the conference will be reviewed by experts.

Proceedings Publication

All works accepted to the conference will be published in CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( The papers are reproduced directly from the originals presented by the authors. Moreover, it's need to provide a copy of the Agreement with the signature of one author of the material representing all its co-authors.

For participants from Russian Institutes it's need to provide
Permission to publish
(signed by Laboratory or Organization expert with the stamp of the Laboratory or Organization)
- Scaned-copy of the article singed by interpreter (scanned copy of article written in English should be verified and signed by interpreter or person responsible for the English text (Name, Date, Signature on the first page)).